When it comes to putting together a Christmas dinner, shift your focus from the main dishes. Start your holiday off right with a spread of sweet and savory antipasti. The first thing that your dinner guests are going to taste is the Christmas appetizers, so you’ll want to make sure you’ve had the most memorable delicious small bites for them to snack on before dinner begins. At Strega Prime, we’ve gathered our best antipasti dishes that will help get your meal off to a good start. They’re easy-to-make or pick up from us, elegant Italian appetizers that make an excellent Christmas get-together even better. This Christmas, try making new family traditions and try our Christmas Antipasti dish recipes.


Shrimp Cocktail

However old-fashioned it may seem, shrimp cocktail is a classic. Why not start the family with the basics? Shrimp cocktail is all about the size of the shrimp: big, fat, juicy, and perfectly cooked gorgeous shrimp. Be sure to sit down with us on Christmas Eve and enjoy a shrimp cocktail with us. 



Oysters are nearly the perfect food. You can pluck them right from the ocean, shuck them, and slurp them down raw. Their sweet, saline flavor compliments itself. At Strega Prime, we pair our oyster with a cucumber mignonette. Mignonette is a classic sauce for raw oysters. The cooling crunch of cucumber adds to the oyster flavor. While the name sounds fancy, it’s a simple mix of vinegar, sugar, salt, and a few seasonings that’s great for topping oysters. Don’t miss out on our raw bar with local oysters, cucumber mignonette, cocktail sauce, and horseradish on our Christmas Eve menu. 


La Burrata 

Burrata is “buttered’ in Italian. It is a rich, porcelain-white, unripened cheese mixed with mozzarella and cream. The outer shell is solid mozzarella while the inside is filled with mozzarella and cream, giving it a soft texture. The buttery contents of burrata spill out, adding richness to the element it’s accompanying. Burrata’s versatility adds a richness and creaminess to small plates. Serve your burrata with crostini bread, tomatoes, balsamic, and prosciutto. Find La Burrata on our Gli Antipasti e Zuppe menu. 


Cheese Arancini

Arancini are crisp on the outside with a deliciously creamy, cheesy center. This dish is recipe children and adults will love. Serve them fresh off the stove, to enjoy the glorious gooey cheese. Make sure you have barberra sauce for dipping and sprinkle parmesan and basil for garnish. Stop by Strega Prime for dinner and treat yourself to our Cheese Arancini. 


Crab Cakes 

Crab cakes should be all about the crab. The perfect crab cake is crispy on the outside, moist on the inside, and have the fresh taste of delicious crab. If you agree, you’ve must try a Strega Prime crab cake.  


Wagyu Meatballs

This Christmas indulge in a quick, easy wagyu meatball recipe.  Wagyu Meatballs is a fan favorite for hor’s d’ oeuvres. These meatballs will keep your guests going back for more. No one is ever going only to eat one of these delicious meatballs. Meatball with wagyu beef adds a superior quality and tenderness of highly marbled Wagyu, which makes for a delightful version of meatballs.


The Christmas Eve feast should include a never-ending sight of antipasti. Let’s face it; the variety of dishes is what keeps us coming back for more, it’s the wagyu meatballs, the cheesy, gooey cheese arancini, and the butternut squash soup. This Christmas Eve, fill your bellies with a delicious Christmas Eve at Strega Prime! We have a raw bar with local oysters and shrimp cocktail, Frutti di Mare, Pan-Seared Chilean Seabass, and Lobster prepared by our world-class chefs. But most importantly, we say the more Antipasti, the merrier!

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