When we think of steak, one of the first phrases that pops into our head is most likely “steak and potatoes”. Whether those potatoes are mashed or roasted or au gratin style, they seem to reign supreme as the ultimate side dish. Steak and potatoes is the classic and delicious pairing, however there are some side dishes that take the original potato-based sides to a new level. There are also some alternative and albeit, just as delicious ways we can pair steak with an amazing side dish.

  1. Truffle Fries

France and Belgium are very famous for their dish, “steak frites”, which is essentially a piece of steak served with French fries, so this pairing has been around for quite a while. Having these two foods that complement each other works out perfectly, because, after you finish eating the steak, you can sop up all those delicious, flavorful juices with the fries. By elevating these fries and adding the luxurious flavor of truffle, this pairing is an absolute match made in heaven.

  1. Asparagus

This is a lighter alternative to potatoes that really packs a flavor punch. Asparagus is a powerful vessel for all sorts of flavor. Typically, it is roasted or grilled with just salt and pepper, however, by adding garlic and/or red chili flakes, it really helps to heighten the flavor of not only just the asparagus, but also the main dish (in this case, we’re talking about steak).

  1. Risotto with Wild Mushrooms

With its creamy, hearty flavor, risotto is the perfect side dish for someone who wants a full-on hearty dish. The risotto itself provides a rich, velvety texture that lends itself well to meats, such as beef. On the other hand, the mushrooms provide an earthiness that really pulls this dish together. Add a glass of red wine, and you have the perfect meal.

  1. Mac and Cheese

Mac and Cheese, like risotto, provides a rich, creaminess that perfectly complements a hearty piece of meat. This side dish is not for the faint-hearted, as it creates an incredible counterbalance for the steak and sometimes adds a crunchy textural component to the dish when there is a crispy topping.

  1. Creamed Spinach

Similar to the asparagus, spinach adds a vegetable element to the dish, which can help lighten it. However, adding cream to said spinach really gives you the best of both worlds. You get a nice, light vegetable flavor, but then you also get the decadent and luscious texture from the cream. This side dish can sometimes be underrated, but it helps to tie a dish together because of its versatility.

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