Winter may bring cold toes and cold fingers, but it also brings many opportunities to enjoy your favorite foods and drinks. Comfort food is an important part of the holiday season as families gather to celebrate the most festive time of year. Some beloved dishes seem to hit the spot even better when temperatures start dropping. This winter, we want to make sure your dining experience features all of the familiar flavors and aromas that you love. We hope you will come enjoy one of these winter comfort foods with us soon!

Lobster Bisque. If you’re feeling chilly this winter, a thick, creamy soup will quickly warm you up. A flavor-packed bowl of lobster bisque is one of our top recommendations for the season. Our Lobster Bisque includes Sambuca, Dry Sherry and Lobster Meat – a perfect starter for any meal.

Linguine & Clams. This beloved seafood and pasta dish is another winter must-order. After one whiff of our Linguine and Clams, you’ll be ready to devour an entire bowl. Ask your waiter for wine recommendations to pair with this delicious, garlicky comfort food.

Steak and Potatoes. Name a more iconic duo. This savory classic can be especially comforting as the holidays approach. If you find yourself craving an entree that tastes just like nostalgia feels, steak and potatoes may be exactly what you are looking for. We have a wide-variety of steak options including a 12 oz. Filet, Dry-Aged Ribeye, Prime Sirloin and Classic New York Sirloin. All of our steak comes prepared with a House Truffle Butter. Opt for our Truffle Parmesan Frites or our Bacon & Cheese Potato.

Risotto de Fungi. If you’re in the mood to enjoy a flavorful side, we highly recommend the Risotto de Fungi from our accompaniments portion of our menu. This creamy carb dish harmoniously pairs with any of our steaks, and risotto is an Italian favorite, and a must-try at all of our Strega locations.

Warm Winter Cocktails & Desserts

As the weather gets icy, you may not want the same from your drink. Luckily, we have cocktails that are just right for the cold weather. Order one of our warm winter cocktails as soon as you step inside for a quick burst of warmth.

Classic Red Sangria. A classic holiday cocktail, Red Sangria works wonderfully on a cold, winter day. With red wine for a brilliant holiday hue, the Classic Red Sangria includes Pomegranate, Peach and Cherry Liquers, and Fresh Fruit.

Winter Vacation. This is a specialty at Strega Prime which features a slew of ingredients such as Malibu Coconut, Goslings Black Seal, Bitters, Simple Syrup and a Pineapple Wedge.
Dessert. No meal is quite complete without dessert. This winter, enjoy an Italian dessert classic like Tiramisu. This coffee-flavored sweet is the perfect cap to an evening of your favorite foods.

We know you’ll love these winter comfort foods as much as we do. Visit our restaurant this winter to try one of these dishes, or any of our other excellent options!

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