There is no doubt that summer cookouts will look a little different this year. Big cookouts may not currently be possible, but more intimate grilling time with the family or virtual celebrations can still be a memorable and fun time. The possibilities are endless as you can lay out all of your family’s favorite foods and drinks at Strega Prime we’re here to help with a mouth-watering spread for your cookout.

Virtual Parties Are Still In

In the last few months, the entire nation has embraced virtual gatherings for everything from birthdays to happy hour.  Your summer cookout can be very much the same. Just because you are in different places, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the same food! Strega To-Go is Now Available from Tuesday-Friday 12-9 pm | Saturday – Sunday 4-9 pm. Everyone can enjoy a shared experience of Strega To Go! The same can be done with cocktails. Send ahead the recipe for a signature festive cocktail so everyone can enjoy together virtually!


Create A playlist

Whether virtual or socially distanced, setting the mood is more important than ever in a year that many are finding it harder to celebrate any type of fun. There’s something special about the moment that your favorite song starts playing. So set aside a few minutes, grab your favorite drink, and get down to the business of building your utterly modern, perfect summer cookout playlist! Don’t forget the playlist trifecta, there are three main concepts to keep in mind when building your perfect summer playlist: vibe, theme, and audience.

Prepare For Individual Eating

No one is going to be sharing communal dishes in the usual way this year. It’s not really the best way to stay at a safe distance and avoid sharing germs. That doesn’t have to stifle gathering over food.  Make sure guests have their own individual dishes that normally might be buffet style. Set up outdoor individual areas six feet apart from one another. In each are, you can have a picnic basket or cooler full of food in to-go containers, beverages, and disposable items that are all ready for when guests arrive.


Choose From The Strega Menu

Lobster Roll

A cookout in  New England without a Lobster Roll, those don’t exist. Classic big chunks of lobster meat tossed with just a touch lemon and basil aioli, side of truffle frites on a toasted brioche roll. Your guests won’t be ready for the lemon and basil aioli. This is the best part of summer you can dig into. Indulge your guests with our Lobster roll.


Antipasto is the start of any festive occasion. A great conversation starter by connecting over unfamiliar cheeses. Antipasto is filled with items that are tossed in some kind of herby oil or tucked in with garlic cloves, they’re packed with flavor. Quickly enhance the cookout with prosciutto, sweet & spicy soppressata, pecorino Sardo, marinated olives, pickled peppers, and fresh basil.



Burrata an almost-instant, practically effortless, styles of dishes. The sort of dinner dishes perfect for fresh from the beach or for a picnic. Open a ball of burrata. This is your moment for oohing and aahing — it’s true that summer star. Relish that messy of your usual cookout appetizers and enjoy the roasted peach, prosciutto, peach chutney, balsamic, and fresh basil.

We’re Here To Help


We have a fully customized lunch and dinner menu to suit your needs and also offer alternative options featuring our vast wine list, specialty cocktails, and hors d’oeuvres. So, bring the guest list, we’ll handle the rest! Please contact our Event Coordinator Tracey Medeiros at 781-933-6688 or Keep hand sanitizer, Lysol or Clorox wipes, and extra face masks readily available for your guests. Their safety is your safety as well!



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