With Christmas just around the corner, now is the time to plan for your company’s holiday party! If you would like the party to be a bit more lavish than holding it at the office can provide but want to avoid an overly ostentatious production by holding it at a luxury hotel, having the party at a nice restaurant could be the option you’re looking for. Here are a few tips for planning a successful restaurant holiday party for your company. 


Choose the Venue

The first thing you’ll want to do is decide on the restaurant where you would like to hold your party. When deciding this, there are a number of factors you should consider. 

Distance – you’ll want to avoid having your employees travel a long distance. Most likely, this will be an after-hours party and attendees may not want to drive a long way after a long day at work. Also consider the possible need for taxis, as this can get very expensive. 

Cost – make sure the venue you want suits your budget. A five-star restaurant may not work for every company, but you’ll also want to avoid fast-food type places. 

Menu – if you’re holding the party at a restaurant, you’ll need to make sure that the menu is suitable for your employees, or at least a variety of them. A vegan-themed restaurant won’t please everyone, and a Brazilian churrascaria may not have options for all dietary needs. 



Once you choose your venue, it’s time to make the reservations. Since the Christmas season is peak travel-time, you’ll want to have your holiday party take place two or three weeks before Christmas. There’s also the option of holding a post-Christmas holiday party. It may sound strange, with Christmas and New Year being over, but employees will enjoy the fun, food, and drink with coworkers regardless of the date. 


Send Invitations

The invitations can be as formal or casual as you like, but they should match the feel of the evening you are preparing. If you are aiming for a more upscale event with a formal meal, you may want to opt for personally addressed invitations printed out and distributed in person at the office. If your party will be more casual, consider emailing the invitation to attendees. Make sure to send out the invitations with enough time in advance that coworkers can make plans for babysitters, transportation, or other variables. 


Invitations are a great time to allow attendees to indicate food preferences or restrictions, plus-ones, and availability to serve as a designated driver. 


Choose the Food

If you’re holding the party at a restaurant, food will play a major role. There are a couple of options you may have when making your food choices. First, you can choose the regular restaurant menu format. Your guests will arrive and sit at your reserved tables and be able to choose off the regular restaurant menu. Depending on your budget, individuals may pay for their own food. Another option is to have the restaurant provide a buffet-style meal, where they provide large batches of popular food items that are either self-serve or served by a restaurant employee. 



If you want to make a big impression at the party, don’t forget the entertainment. This can be something as simple as a DJ hired to provide popular music for the background or hiring a full band to offer live music. Setting up a dance floor is also a fun idea, should the restaurant have ample enough space. 


Planning a holiday company party seems like a daunting task, but by following the above steps you will certainly be able to provide a fun and relaxed environment for your coworkers and employees. If you’re ready to make your private dining reservation, contact Strega Prime now.

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