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Grilling shouldn’t be intimidating don’t have to be part of the same sentence. If you’re a beginner, look no further than these Strega Prime recipes we can all master, from basics to juicy grilled meat and some grilled vegetables perfect for your roommates and family. Throwing vegetables and meat on the grill on a long holiday weekend gives your food that irreplaceable flavor that won’t be achieved from roasting. This Memorial Day Weekend, crank up the grill and discover a whole list of new skills you’ll want to get into.


A Quick-Start Guide to Grilling with Gas

Gas grilling has the distinct luxury of lighting and preheating effortlessly.

Make sure your grill is clean.

Whether your grill is hand-me-down or fresh out of the box, make sure that it’s clean and ready to go before lighting it up. Clean your grill at least once a year or twice for the best performance. Don’t forget to make sure the fuel source is off and start with removing and scrubbing the grates. Clean the grill components under the grates, paying attention to burner tubes, and wipe out the interior of the lid before wiping down the exterior. Check your owner’s manual for specific cleaning instructions. 

Check your gas tank.

Once your grill is clean, you’ll need to attach a fuel tank. Propane is the most common fuel type for gas grills.

Light your grill.

Once the propane is connected and the tank valve is open, it’s time to light the grill. Make sure that the grill lid is open. Turn one burner to high or “light” and then press the ignite or auto-light button on the grill. Once the first burner is lit you can easily light the other two or three burners and adjust their heat.

Browning and Searing

The golden-brown color and dark sear marks you get from the grilling process are what gives meat its delicious flavor. To achieve a great shade of brown and a fantastic sear, try these tips. The drier the meat, the easier it will be to brown it. Flip cuts of meat frequently to avoid burning either side. Avoid packing food too tightly onto the grill. You want to make some space for the steam and heat to rise around the edges for an even cook.

What To Cook?


Prime Sirloin

Nothing is more peak summer than a good prime sirloin charring on a smoking grill, a cooler stacked with your favorite adult drinks nearby.  Don’t forget your jumbo grilled jumbo asparagus, crispy yukon potatoes with prosciutto, and garlic butter. Don’t want to make yourself, order it for takeout! 

Tomahawk Delmonico

a Delmonico steak is a big steak—possibly up to two inches thick. And it should be a very high-quality piece of meat, with plenty of marbling. This is something you can’t miss out on! Who doesn’t need 28 oz. of this steak in their life?


The majority of the weekend is going to be dedicated to eating delicious food. Deciding on a tasty, no-fuss menu to please everyone’s palates is tough! Lucky for you trust Strega Prime to take care of that. Order your family the best meal for the long weekend. Strega To-Go is Now Available from Thursday to Saturday 4-8 pm! For curbside pickup, please enter your car type and license plate number in the notes section of your order. We look forward to serving you.

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