Have you been craving seafood? There are various types of fish and shellfish on the market that it can be difficult to decide exactly what type of seafood you’re in the mood for. Although you can prepare some seafood dishes at home, it’s hard to beat the flavor and variety of seafood cooked by a professional chef. Our talented staff has developed seafood recipes that are guaranteed to bring you back to our restaurant for a second, third, or fourth visit.

Here are a few must-try seafood entrees.

  • Pan Seared Halibut. Halibut is a flatfish with a mild, but subtly sweet flavor that makes it especially versatile in cooking. The meat of halibut is lean and firm with large flakes. Our pan searing method of cooking this fish seals in the flavors making the halibut an even more delectable meal.
  • Salmon. Salmon is an extremely popular fish around the world. The flesh of salmon is usually pink or orange and the meat flakes off in medium chunks. Not only is salmon delicious, but it can be a great choice if you are trying to be healthy. Salmon is high in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin D. Our Salmone alla Griglia comes prepared with Roasted Beets, Pearl Onions, Brussels Sprouts and Cider Sugo.
  • Lobster. Lobster is a tender shellfish that has a mild but very distinctive flavor. The most tender meat of a lobster is found in its claws. Lobster is at its best when it’s mixed with butter, herbs, salt, and pepper. Try our Butter Poached 3 lb. Lobster with Thyme and Beurre Blanc.
  • Swordfish. This is considered an oily fish and is recognizable for its long, flat beak that looks like a sword. Because of its large size and firm texture, swordfish meat is ideal for grilling as steak. At Strega Prime we offer Grilled Swordfish with a Parsnip Puree, Fingerling Potatoes, Baby Carrots & Turnips and Vin Cotto.
  • Lobster Bisque. This thick soup is a delicious entrée and is especially tasty when it is cold outside. Our lobster bisque is creamy, smooth, and seasoned with a perfect combination of spices. Even though lobster bisque is a soup, it’s hearty enough to enjoy as your main entré

If you decide to order any of these must-try seafood dishes, you’re in for a treat. We highly recommend that everyone in your party orders a different meal. During this cold season, be sure to come to Strega Prime to try out our variations of these delectable seafood entrees. Book a table with us today or contact us to host your next private event!

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