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How to Know When You’re Being Served Authentic Italian Cuisine

American Italian cuisine is commonly found in chain restaurants, online recipes, and around nearly every corner you can possibly look. While the food and traditions associated with this American Italian cuisine is extremely popular, it isn’t the same experience as enjoying authentic Italian cuisine. There are a few key signs you can look out for to know if you’re being served authentic Italian cuisine or an American Italian meal that aims to convince you it’s authentic.

What’s on The Menu

Spaghetti and meatballs, fettuccine alfredo, and chicken parmesan may be popular features on American Italian menus, but it isn’t authentic Italian cuisine. Authentic Italian cuisine will feature much more than just pasta smothered in sauces and cheese. Look for variety filled antipasto boards and diversity of fresh ingredients.

Authentic Italian aims to show each ingredient for what it is, rather than covering it up under heavy cheeses and sauces. The portioning, placement, and addition of each ingredient should be deliberate and serve a purpose towards to overall experience of the meal. Authentic Italian food stays true to the roots found in Italy and simple dishes often hold the most flavor. While proteins and pasta play an important role in authentic Italian cuisine, so do fresh vegetables.

Seasonal Ingredient Choices

Authentic Italian cuisine is focused around seasonal and local ingredients. Fresh ingredients are vital to achieving the desired flavor of an Italian dish. This means that authentic Italian restaurants in different regions will likely have slightly different menus to accommodate what’s available to them locally. Menus may change as the seasons change as well. An authentic Italian restaurant would rather change the menu accordingly than serve ingredients that aren’t local and fresh.

Seasoning is Intentional

American Italian restaurants may feature salt and pepper shakers on the table, but don’t expect the same sight in an authentic Italian restaurant. The cooking and preparation of each dish is done deliberately, and the addition of salt or pepper may change the dish entirely. Instead, you should enjoy the meal for what it is and taste each layer of flavors as the chef intended. The same can be said for the butter and garlic often found in ample amounts in American Italian food. While those are both important ingredients in authentic Italian cuisine, they’re used much more sparingly than Americans tend to believe.

Why You Should Enjoy Private Dining

The holiday season is perfect for making special memories with family and friends. One of the best ways to bring all of your loved ones together is with food. Putting together a multiple course dinner for a large party can be stressful, and a traditional dining experience with a large group can quickly become hectic. Here are some reasons that you should enjoy private dining this holiday season at Strega Prime.

Private dining allows you to select from a wider selection of food. While traditional dining provides a standard menu with minimal variation, private dining gives you choice. Because you usually order food in advance for a private dining experience, you’ll have the opportunity to tailor the menu to meet your party’s tastes and preferences. If a family member is allergic to an ingredient, simply ask the chef to leave it off your group’s menu. If your dad loves steak and potatoes, request it as the main course. Private dining is about making a special memory for you and your group, and your restaurant team is there to make sure that happens.

Private dining offers you your favorite selection of drinks. Not only can you tailor the food menu when private dining, but you can also tailor the drink menu. If there is a specific type or brand of wine, beer, or liquor that you prefer, feel free to request it. Cocktails with a holiday twist can be the perfect additions to a festive private dining experience. The options are nearly endless!

Private dining enables you to spend more time with friends and family. An unfortunate side effect of the busy holiday season is that it can be easy to get distracted from the important things in life. A private dining experience ensures that you and your loved ones are able to enjoy each other’s company in a meaningful way. While the restaurant staff prepares your curated menu of food and drinks, you and your loved ones are free to focus on one another and make memories. Because the restaurant handles all food preparation and clean-up, no one has to miss a moment of quality time.

As you are planning your holiday get-togethers with loved ones, allow us to recommend private dining. It’s the perfect way to create a memorable restaurant outing that offers all of the comforts and intimacy of home. Private dining could even become your newest holiday tradition.



Must-Try Seafood Entrées

Have you been craving seafood? There are various types of fish and shellfish on the market that it can be difficult to decide exactly what type of seafood you’re in the mood for. Although you can prepare some seafood dishes at home, it’s hard to beat the flavor and variety of seafood cooked by a professional chef. Our talented staff has developed seafood recipes that are guaranteed to bring you back to our restaurant for a second, third, or fourth visit.

Here are a few must-try seafood entrees.

  • Pan Seared Halibut. Halibut is a flatfish with a mild, but subtly sweet flavor that makes it especially versatile in cooking. The meat of halibut is lean and firm with large flakes. Our pan searing method of cooking this fish seals in the flavors making the halibut an even more delectable meal.
  • Salmon. Salmon is an extremely popular fish around the world. The flesh of salmon is usually pink or orange and the meat flakes off in medium chunks. Not only is salmon delicious, but it can be a great choice if you are trying to be healthy. Salmon is high in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin D. Our Salmone alla Griglia comes prepared with Roasted Beets, Pearl Onions, Brussels Sprouts and Cider Sugo.
  • Lobster. Lobster is a tender shellfish that has a mild but very distinctive flavor. The most tender meat of a lobster is found in its claws. Lobster is at its best when it’s mixed with butter, herbs, salt, and pepper. Try our Butter Poached 3 lb. Lobster with Thyme and Beurre Blanc.
  • Swordfish. This is considered an oily fish and is recognizable for its long, flat beak that looks like a sword. Because of its large size and firm texture, swordfish meat is ideal for grilling as steak. At Strega Prime we offer Grilled Swordfish with a Parsnip Puree, Fingerling Potatoes, Baby Carrots & Turnips and Vin Cotto.
  • Lobster Bisque. This thick soup is a delicious entrée and is especially tasty when it is cold outside. Our lobster bisque is creamy, smooth, and seasoned with a perfect combination of spices. Even though lobster bisque is a soup, it’s hearty enough to enjoy as your main entré

If you decide to order any of these must-try seafood dishes, you’re in for a treat. We highly recommend that everyone in your party orders a different meal. During this cold season, be sure to come to Strega Prime to try out our variations of these delectable seafood entrees. Book a table with us today or contact us to host your next private event!


Enjoy Winter Comfort Foods with Us

Winter may bring cold toes and cold fingers, but it also brings many opportunities to enjoy your favorite foods and drinks. Comfort food is an important part of the holiday season as families gather to celebrate the most festive time of year. Some beloved dishes seem to hit the spot even better when temperatures start dropping. This winter, we want to make sure your dining experience features all of the familiar flavors and aromas that you love. We hope you will come enjoy one of these winter comfort foods with us soon!

Lobster Bisque. If you’re feeling chilly this winter, a thick, creamy soup will quickly warm you up. A flavor-packed bowl of lobster bisque is one of our top recommendations for the season. Our Lobster Bisque includes Sambuca, Dry Sherry and Lobster Meat – a perfect starter for any meal.

Linguine & Clams. This beloved seafood and pasta dish is another winter must-order. After one whiff of our Linguine and Clams, you’ll be ready to devour an entire bowl. Ask your waiter for wine recommendations to pair with this delicious, garlicky comfort food.

Steak and Potatoes. Name a more iconic duo. This savory classic can be especially comforting as the holidays approach. If you find yourself craving an entree that tastes just like nostalgia feels, steak and potatoes may be exactly what you are looking for. We have a wide-variety of steak options including a 12 oz. Filet, Dry-Aged Ribeye, Prime Sirloin and Classic New York Sirloin. All of our steak comes prepared with a House Truffle Butter. Opt for our Truffle Parmesan Frites or our Bacon & Cheese Potato.

Risotto de Fungi. If you’re in the mood to enjoy a flavorful side, we highly recommend the Risotto de Fungi from our accompaniments portion of our menu. This creamy carb dish harmoniously pairs with any of our steaks, and risotto is an Italian favorite, and a must-try at all of our Strega locations.

Warm Winter Cocktails & Desserts

As the weather gets icy, you may not want the same from your drink. Luckily, we have cocktails that are just right for the cold weather. Order one of our warm winter cocktails as soon as you step inside for a quick burst of warmth.

Classic Red Sangria. A classic holiday cocktail, Red Sangria works wonderfully on a cold, winter day. With red wine for a brilliant holiday hue, the Classic Red Sangria includes Pomegranate, Peach and Cherry Liquers, and Fresh Fruit.

Winter Vacation. This is a specialty at Strega Prime which features a slew of ingredients such as Malibu Coconut, Goslings Black Seal, Bitters, Simple Syrup and a Pineapple Wedge.
Dessert. No meal is quite complete without dessert. This winter, enjoy an Italian dessert classic like Tiramisu. This coffee-flavored sweet is the perfect cap to an evening of your favorite foods.

We know you’ll love these winter comfort foods as much as we do. Visit our restaurant this winter to try one of these dishes, or any of our other excellent options!

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The Best Way to Order a Steak

Steak is at its most savory when ordered from Strega Prime. This is because restaurants are able to purchase perfectly aged beef cuts that are rarely available at supermarkets. The next time you’re debating what to get at Strega Prime, go for the steak. But first, make sure you know the best way to order it.

Cut of Steak

First, you’ll need to select a cut of steak. Our menu offers a variety of cuts for different tastes and price ranges. Here are a few options that are commonly found:

• Ribeye: This is a juicy cut of steak that is also the fattiest, which means it’s packed with flavor.
• Strip Steak: With a rich, heavy marbling, the strip steak boasts a beefy flavor.
• Filet Mignon: Recognized as the most tender meat, filet mignon can be cut with a fork.
• T-bone steak: This steak is both chewy and tender. This cut of meat includes strip steak and tenderloin that is separated by a bone.

Steak Temperature

Next, you’ll need to let the waiter or waitress know how to cook your steak. Personal discussions around the best way to cook a steak are contentious, but experts in the cooking field usually agree that steak should be cooked medium rare.

Medium rare steak is cooked to an internal temperature of 135°F. This precise temperature will draw out the rich flavors of the steak while keeping the texture tender and juicy. The exterior of the steak stays under the heat long enough to caramelize and char just a bit, but the interior will remain a rosy shade of pink. If you order your steak medium rare, you can expect a mouthwatering, perfectly tender piece of beef.

Medium is another popular choice when ordering steak as this temperature (145 degrees), you can expect your steak to be both flavorful and juicy. Typically, people will order the T-Bone steak as medium or medium rare. While a medium steak is slightly less juicy than medium rare, it does retain the delicious buttery taste.

It’s important to keep in mind that steak preference is subjective. For some people, medium rare steak will always be just a little bit too pink. Strip steak will always be just a little bit too chewy. Experiment with a few different cuts and temperatures until you find your favorite.

Ready to dig in? Book a table at Strega Prime to enjoy steak and wine. Pair your steak with a delicious sauce such as our red wine, madeira peppercorn, bearnaise or hollandaise. Our side selection features an array of carbs and veggies, like the Pancetta & Cider Brussels Sprouts or the Bacon & Cheese Potato.