It’s tough to say what part of an Italian dinner sequence is best. An antipasto, or first course, is fun because it’s often shared with the whole table. The entree, of course, is an experience in and of itself, bringing authentic flavors and tastes to those present in every bite. Nobody can deny, however, that Italian desserts are a huge part of the experience. For that reason, we want to talk about our favorite Italian desserts to get you thinking about something sweet and memorable.




An Italian favorite for years, tiramisu is a light and sweet way to cap off an evening. With ladyfingers dipped in coffee and chocolate, the mocha infused flavors of tiramisu are made up of a light and fluffy texture. This is made possible by a whipped mixture of egg whites, sugar, and mascarpone cheese.




Profiteroles are a delicate dessert that is perfectly paired with any sort of Italian dinner. These small cream puffs can be filled with a number of sweet treats. While many are filled with whipped cream, some can be full of ice cream, pastry cream, or custard.


Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee


Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee combines two amazing flavors. Creme brulee is a custard base with a burnt cream topping that is as good as any pudding-like dessert you could try. The vanilla bean flavoring of the dish is a great pairing to this Italian favorite.


Oreo Cheesecake


Nothing makes a cheesecake the next level like an oreo crust and flavoring. The chocolate cream flavoring is a popular way to prepare Italian cheesecake and is great for the kid inside of everyone.




This ice cream is a three-flavor combination of chocolate, cherry, and pistachio. Chocolate ice cream is a wonderful option always, but the cherry flavor is a wonderful fruit pairing. Plus, the pistachio provides a denser flavor to allow for a full-flavored ice cream experience. A scoop of spumoni makes any Italian dish a slam dunk.


Italian desserts can be the perfect way to end an amazing meal. With the bold, authentic flavors of most Italian appetizers and entrees, a light dessert with sweet and easy to access tastes can be the perfect cap to great eating experience. Make a reservation at Strega Prime and try for yourself! 

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