With juicy watermelon, ripe fruits, and all manner of ice creams leading the way this summer season. Who isn’t suddenly feeling very hungry for these summer dessert recipes? The heat makes us all feel lazy but that doesn’t stop the sweetness you crave. Sorry, summer diet.The perfect end to a summer meal in summer? An over-the-top, crazy-delicious dessert. Whether you’re looking for something to cool you down, pick you up, or top you off after a laid-back picnic meal, we’ve got your summer desserts for you. After all, dessert just tastes better in the summertime.




The beauty in this dessert goes beyond the captivating combination of bitter, creamy, and sweet. Tiramisu is a timeless no-bake Italian dessert combining espresso-dipped ladyfingers and a creamy lightly sweetened mascarpone cream. Most of us have had Tiramisu plenty of times in our lives, but probably not the Strega Italiano way.




This classic Italian dessert is always a crowd-pleaser.A Cannoli is a form of pastry that originated on the Island of Sicily. Most cannoli consist of tube-shaped shells of deep-fried pastry dough that are then filled with a slightly sweet and creamy filling. The crispy shell and creamy sweet filling are nearly irresistible. The filling is filled with mascarpone and whipped cream for a lighter filling. You’ll sometimes find orange zest or nutmeg in there for extra flavor. 


Chocolate Mousse


This fast and fancy dessert is the recipe you didn’t know your life was missing. Chocolate mousse is the decidedly decadent, old-school dessert you’ve been overlooking for far too long. So creamy, rich, and perfectly sweet. This mousse is light and airy and yet deeply rich and decadent.

 Ice Cream Sandwiches


The easiest dessert of summer: these ice cream sandwiches. The components — chocolate chip cookie dough and vanilla ice cream —and are always a family favorite.he only thing better than eating custard or ice cream right out of the container is eating it wedged between two cookies. All the sweet creamy deliciousness of your go to ice cream, but you get the bonus crunch of cookies, and the pure genius of turning ice cream1 into transportable finger food. What could be better than that?


This summer, keep you and the family cool without stalking the ice cream truck, thanks to Strega Italiano.  Don’t limit yourself,, expand on your desserts think outside the  box with Strega Italianos Tiramisu, Cannolli and Chocolate Mousse. You might dream of juicy barbecued meats and tender grilled vegetables at summer cookouts, but you also know that one of the best parts of warm-weather dining comes at the end of the meal. When your sweet tooth is aching visit us at Strega Prime.

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