Steak is at its most savory when ordered from Strega Prime. This is because restaurants are able to purchase perfectly aged beef cuts that are rarely available at supermarkets. The next time you’re debating what to get at Strega Prime, go for the steak. But first, make sure you know the best way to order it.

Cut of Steak

First, you’ll need to select a cut of steak. Our menu offers a variety of cuts for different tastes and price ranges. Here are a few options that are commonly found:

• Ribeye: This is a juicy cut of steak that is also the fattiest, which means it’s packed with flavor.
• Strip Steak: With a rich, heavy marbling, the strip steak boasts a beefy flavor.
• Filet Mignon: Recognized as the most tender meat, filet mignon can be cut with a fork.
• T-bone steak: This steak is both chewy and tender. This cut of meat includes strip steak and tenderloin that is separated by a bone.

Steak Temperature

Next, you’ll need to let the waiter or waitress know how to cook your steak. Personal discussions around the best way to cook a steak are contentious, but experts in the cooking field usually agree that steak should be cooked medium rare.

Medium rare steak is cooked to an internal temperature of 135°F. This precise temperature will draw out the rich flavors of the steak while keeping the texture tender and juicy. The exterior of the steak stays under the heat long enough to caramelize and char just a bit, but the interior will remain a rosy shade of pink. If you order your steak medium rare, you can expect a mouthwatering, perfectly tender piece of beef.

Medium is another popular choice when ordering steak as this temperature (145 degrees), you can expect your steak to be both flavorful and juicy. Typically, people will order the T-Bone steak as medium or medium rare. While a medium steak is slightly less juicy than medium rare, it does retain the delicious buttery taste.

It’s important to keep in mind that steak preference is subjective. For some people, medium rare steak will always be just a little bit too pink. Strip steak will always be just a little bit too chewy. Experiment with a few different cuts and temperatures until you find your favorite.

Ready to dig in? Book a table at Strega Prime to enjoy steak and wine. Pair your steak with a delicious sauce such as our red wine, madeira peppercorn, bearnaise or hollandaise. Our side selection features an array of carbs and veggies, like the Pancetta & Cider Brussels Sprouts or the Bacon & Cheese Potato.

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