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Spring is around the corner which means you’re about to start craving the fresh tastes of Spring! As the weather gets warmer you’re going to naturally steer away from heavy and filling foods and go towards the light and fresh foods. Here at Strega Prime, we offer a variety of light and fresh foods on our menu. Here are a few of our favorite suggestions! 


Shrimp Cocktail

Shrimp Cocktail is a great choice to start your meal if you’re looking for something light and fresh! We ensure that our shrimp is cooked with the perfect crunch and a light buttery coating. 


Tuna TarTare

Our Tuna TarTare is incredibly tasty and a very popular dish on our menu. This light dish is served with spicy ginger sauce, sweet sesame aioli, and crackers. The flavors in this tuna tartare will blow your mind and have you wanting to come back for more. 


Strega Antipasto

Who doesn’t love a delicious meat and cheese board when the weather starts to get nice? Chef selects some of the best-cured meats and cheeses to comprise this board, making it a crowd favorite!


Mixed Greens Salad

Looking for a light yet deliciously packed salad? Our mixed greens salad is filled with cucumber, tomatoes, radish, and topped with oregano vinaigrette. If you’re looking for a little more substance, add any protein to the salad! 


The Iceberg

Our iceberg salad is another extremely fresh dish for the warmer months! It contains pancetta, tomatoes, scallions, and topped with Blue Cheese Dressing. If you’re a blue cheese lover this salad is for you! 

Chicken Piccata

Our Chicken Piccata is an extremely popular dish in the warmer months. This dish is comprised of perfectly cooked chicken, linguine, lemon, and a light white wine & caper sauce. The light yet bold flavors in this dish will leave you amazed.



Our Salmon is fresh, light, and incredibly flavorful. We’ll cook the salmon to your liking and pair it with rosemary squash, Brussel sprouts, cider reduction, and pumpkin seed dust. This is another favorite during the summer months as the fresh tastes take over this dish. 


Dine at Strega Prime!

At Strega Prime, you’ll always find what you’re looking for on our menu! Our chef comes up with some of the most flavorful, fresh dishes for when the warmer months are approaching. Make a reservation with us today and check out our website for our full menu


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