If you’re not totally engrossed in the world of gourmet steaks, the names of each cut can get a little confusing. Even upon serving, it might be hard for amateur steak enthusiasts to know what the difference is between a skirt, sirloin, or a strip. There’s no reason to stress about the next time you order steak out at an upscale restaurant because this glossary of steak cuts is sure to help you know your way around even the fanciest menus.




Starting with a skirt, these cuts are made between the plate and the flank. Often though, the cut is flat and very fine when sliced with precision. It’s boneless, too, making it easy to eat and enjoy.




Ribeye is a steak cut straight from the rib. The cut is often celebrated for being very rich in flavor and well-marbled in its preparation. It’s difficult to find a reason not to order a ribeye next time you’re out to a steak restaurant and served whole, it leaves the guest satisfied every time.


Top Sirloin


Something about a sirloin is traditional yet always inventive. With a cut from the loin, this boneless steak is rich and very meaty. While sometimes a bit tough, it’s hard to deny the full flavor when thinly sliced.




Believe it or not, a porterhouse is actually two steaks divided by a single bone. The bigger side is a New York strip, with the other half waiting to melt in your mouth cut from the tenderloin. It’s a big undertaking, but the contrasting cuts make it a meal you won’t forget. 


New York Strip


This boneless cut from the short loin’s upper section is a very beefy taste. With a firm yet easy to eat texture, you can serve this cut whole or slice it up an add it to a number of other sides and dishes.




From the rib to the loin sits the hanger, a grainy cut with a ton of flavor. With a bit of a finish to it with a marinade, you can really get a whole array of tastes from a single steak.


Filet Mignon


An expensive yet well worth the price cut, filet mignon is a tenderloin cut and tender as ever. It shows very little marbling and is never served cooked more than medium-rare to maintain its delicateness.




Lastly, a flank is a cut from the underbelly and served quite thin. This long, flavorful cut marinates very well and is also cooked at medium-rare. 


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