Old bicycle and picnic snack on checkered blanket on grass in park

Picnics – lying outside on the grass, fresh strawberries intense and juicy – the smell of the freshest foods out with friends. Casual picnics might be this summers safest option. We can’t forget there is still a pandemic going on.  just you, a friend, a basket filled with an amazing picnic spread and maybe even a bottle of Prosecco. Time for celebration with some magic. Grab your squad and head on off to a relaxing and fun picnic. The possibilities are endless as you can lay out all of your friends’ favorite foods and drinks at Strega Prime we’re here to help with a mouth-watering spread for your picnic.


Shrimp Scampi

Shrimp scampi is a classic, and for good reason. Scampi is versatile, too. A swirl of this pasta and juicy shrimp is everything you want from shrimp scampi: grilled focaccia, olive oil, and garlic. There’s a lot to love about this shrimp scampi. This dish is the epitome of a fancy picnic. Be ready to eat the shrimp scampi right away with gusto! This is a dish best enjoyed when everything is hot and saucy right off the heat.



Antipasto is the no-cook way to start any festive occasion and can even be a conversation starter. The perfect way to make connections over unfamiliar cheeses and compare notes on how they build their own boards. Antipasto is filled with items that are tossed in some kind of herby oil or tucked in with garlic cloves, they’re packed with flavor. Quickly enhance your picnic prosciutto, sweet & spicy soppressata, pecorino Sardo, marinated olives, pickled peppers, and fresh basil. Perfect for any hot summer days.


Lobster Roll

What is a picnic in New England without a Lobster Roll? Classic big chunks of lobster meat tossed with just a touch lemon and basil aioli, side of truffle frites on a toasted brioche roll. What’s truly special here is the lemon and basil aioli. This is the best celebration of summer you can dig into. Trust us this lobster roll is by far the most indulgent you can find.

Caprese Sandwich

Caprese is a pure euphoria for pesto lovers. Enjoy a milky mozzarella, fragrant fresh basil, arugula, and pistachio, pesto. This sandwich has its own distinct personality. Everything you love about Caprese is exactly what you’ll find layered in this summertime sandwich. And for an extra punch of flavor, there’s a thick spread of pistachio pesto on each side of the bread.


Make sure you place a Strega Prime order to go for your delicious picnic! A colorful array of dishes can take a regular al fresco eating experience and turn it into the most picture-perfect Instagram moment. Spend as much time as possible outside enjoying what always feels like the short, hot seasons. But when it comes to food to serve and eat your Strega Prime favorites.


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