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We are continuing to stay home as a way to mitigate the risks of coronavirus spreading. We all might feel confined to our homes as we enter out to only leave for essential trips. Where do we go when we want an alternative to the grocery store? There is no eating out at our favorite restaurant but there is takeout!

What’s On The Menu?


Yukon Potatoes


A little secret? Everyone loves potatoes. This Yukon potatoes recipe is one of those side dishes that are addicting to make you have them every day, yet tasty enough the whole family will love. We like to serve these potatoes with crispy prosciutto and garlic butter. 


Mushroom Fusilli


This pasta evokes the flavors of wild mushrooms, truffle cream sauce, and parsley. This savory, bright pasta packs an antioxidant punch with wild mushrooms. Fusilli is an ideal magnet for the fine texture of truffle cream sauce.


Angel Hair Pasta (Garlic or Al Pomodoro)


You might be a penne person. You might be a spaghetti person. You might be the kind of person who declares allegiance to certain pasta shapes, be they short or long or curly or bowtie-y but there is nothing like the classics with angel hair pasta. The dish is so elegant, it comes together with confit garlic, tomatoes, olive oil, baby arugula, chili peppers,  and basil.

Rollatini Strega

For the family member who needs a veggie break––and a delicious fix. Whether you love eggplant on its own or are using it as a delicious meat substitute, this recipe featuring the hallmark ingredients of lightly breaded eggplant, whipped ricotta, spinach, mozzarella, and plum tomatoes.

Chicken Limoncello

What do you do when life hands you lemons? Typical southern Italian cuisine inspires you to make limoncello.  is the answer.  This dish is zero proof, but definitely a 100 on the flavor scale. Although limoncello is probably most often consumed as a beverage – it’s also a great addition to savory dishes with a side fusilli, lemon, parsley, butter, and caper sauce.

10 OZ Strega Filet

It goes without saying, as well, that the filet is the ideal solo cut. Wonderfully, simple, yet sophisticated with grilled jumbo asparagus, crispy Yukon potatoes with prosciutto, and garlic butter. 

The nourishment we’re craving right now extends beyond what’s happening in the kitchen. Dinner from Strega Prime if there’s one thing we know for sure, is that our meals are a way we can bring some order—and just as importantly, a sense of pleasure—into lives right now. We’ve got you covered with meals to help you feel empowered. Strega To-Go is Now Available from Thursday to Saturday 4-8 pm!

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